Hi, my name is Lacy Barry and I'm an artist & designer. I make visual art installations, set designs, props, and paper illustrations for public art spaces, live installations, window displays, interiors, events, music videos, commercials, stop-motion animations, web media, magazine editorials, venues, home goods, apparel etc.

Many things inspire my work but I am mostly excited to work with color and shapes in physical formats, often repurposing disgarded materials inspired by nature. From textiles to cardboard to plastic, I tend to use and reuse recycled or off-cut materials, especially in my personal works to expose the fascinating and beautiful ways repurposed materials can be recalibrated into forms that enrich our lives environmentally, physically and emotionally.  

Originally from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada,  I currently live and operate a creative studio in Berlin, Germany.

I am also 1/2 of the Crizilla & Delasey creative studio.

Clients: Artibus Records, Adobe, Bombay Sapphire, CondeNast, Clarins, Fuji Film, Gucci, Montreal Festival Mode & Design, Mac Cosmetics, Refinery 29, Sagmeister & Walsh, Tiffany & Co., Zeit Magazine & many more...

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