10 year Anniversary
Launch date: April 2018

The non-profit organization, Kinderbeflügeln conducts a multitude of programs that encourage participation of children from Berlin and Brandenburg through special educational experiences. This campaign creates awareness through info-graphics, explaining the reach of primary school children who benefit from these programs and otherwise could not use educational opportunities due to social disadvantages. Kinderbeflügeln helps where state resources seldom or are not available to support cultural education programs. With warm hearts we crafted and animated some valid facts and interesting points about Kinderbeflügeln for their 10th anniversary.


Fact 01: Kinderbeflügeln is based in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Fact 02: Over 555 educational measures and projects could be carried out.

Fact 03: Kinderbeflügeln did projects in every fifth school

Fact 04: Over 14.000 children have already participated in Kinderbeflügeln programs

Fact 05: Culture & Finance partners include: LesArt, Motor Company, Deutsch Historisches Museum, GRIPS Theater

Fact 06: Kinderbeflügeln offers support in cultural education (music, theater, art), language, science and research, entrepreneurship as well as health and nutrition, sports, self-confidence development, learning of societal skills

Fact 7: Kinderbeflügeln always helps exactly where help is needed. With projects, ideas, with employees and support of any kind or with financial means

Fact 8: Kinderbeflügeln won a lot of awards for its work bringing culture to all children.

Fact 9: Kinderbeflügeln has been in operation for 10 years.

Year of Production 2018


A Crizilla & Delasey Production

Art Director: Lacy Barry

Crafts & Stop Motion: Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt

Director: Stephane Leonard


Lacy Barry 2019