Hi, my name is Lacy Barry and I'm a craft artist & designer. I make art installations, set designs, props, and paper illustrations for public art spaces, live installations, window displays, interiors, events, music videos, commercials, stop-motion animations, web media, magazine editorials, venues, home goods, apparel etc. Made by hand and a little by tiny robots, most all the projects you see exist phsyically. 

My work is inspired by the natural world and its myriad of shapes, textures, colours and subtle complexities. I utilize various airbrush techniques and other tactile materials in my work, breathing life into flat or disregarded materials to embody elements of the natural world in a dreamscape fashion. I do my best to create mainly with recycled and/ or disregarded materials in efforts to reduce the strain on the environment. In my practice I believe regernating just as nature does, is the best technique for reducing and preserving our earth, a planet that has given me so much.

Hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, I am mainly-self taught, exhibiting with Bottle Neck Gallery in New York in 2013, then Joseph Gross Gallery in New York & ArtLeadHer in Los Angeles in 2015 to the WoMA & Marsano Gallery in Berlin. Living and working around the world, I currently reside in Berlin, Germany.

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