Paper Tales - Adidas HQ Germany
Workshop & Live Talk
Event date: October 4-5th, 2017

Adidas MakerLab hired Crizilla & Delasey aka Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry to construct and conduct a two day workshop at their German headquarters in Herzog. Each participant of various skill levels took part in a simple to complex paper shape building lesson, followed by a character crafting session, and finally a short story-telling feature with their character/ paper shapes by means of guided stop-motion animation.  In the creation and process of the Paper Tales Workshop, Lacy & Cris were able to create a workshop that looked at story telling from a tactile perspective, giving a light overview to the aspects of animating physical objects and developing a story with them. Character development, color moods, material combining, and technique experimentation, were all attributes encouraged within the workshop.

Day one consisted of beginner to medium level participants with little to some experience working by hand. Therefore raw materials and simple shape lessons were used to develop characters before bringing their projects to life in simple stop-motion stories. Day two was a more intermediate crowd. This day we participants choose an Adidas shoe and develop a visual world or story around the shoe they chose. This resulted in many esthetic variations involving stop-motion animating or still life photography.

Concept, workshop & presentation by:
Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt of
former Crizilla & Delasey
Photography courtesy of Andrea Brena of Adidas Makerlab


Lacy Barry 2019