My name is Lacy Barry and I'm a multi-faceted artist & designer. I do and have done very many things; from public art installations, interiors, designing my own wallpaper to podcasting, illustrations, music videos, editorials, curating group shows and even a tablet game. I am obsessed with beauty, and create vibrant sculptures reminiscent of the fluid and geometric forms and saturated colors found in natural & architectural worlds.

Born in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta in the Canadian wilderness, I have always been inspired by the natural and cultural wonders of my childhood home and the fantastical places experienced on my travels later on in adulthood. Approaching these aspects with preternatural cognition, these memories have always made their way into my artwork.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t curious and enthralled by channeling my imaginative inner world into my art. I began my art practice at the youngest of ages, before becoming a contemporary dancer at the age of seven, performing professionally across North America. As a young adult, I apprenticed to my sign-painter father on western film sets. Continuing my childhood love of drawing and painting. I later moved into costume design, fashion, set building and prop styling.
... now installations, illustrations and interiors.

I used my background in the arts to ‘literally’ craft my own, unique, visual language. I work mainly, but not exclusively, with paper, discarded materials and recycled cardboard. I utilize various folding, constructive and coloring techniques to breathe life into materials, often incorporating Solarpunk & Lunarpunk themes with much play, fun and care.

Living and working internationally, I reside in Berlin, Germany.

I have exhibited internationally.  My shows include:
Bottle Neck Gallery, New York, USA 2013
Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, USA 2014
ArtLeadHer, Los Angeles, USA 2015
Art on Paper, New York, USA 2016
Beirut Design Week, Beirut, Lebanon 2017
Kolor Studio, Berlin, Germany 2017
the WoMA, Berlin, Germany 2018
FORM, Perth, Australia 2018
Venice Design, Venice, Italy, 2019
This Is An Intervention Festival, Berlin, Germany 2020
Scotty Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2021
Ed Varie Gallery, New York, USA 2021
HomoFaber, Venice, Italy, 2022
Handwerk Museum, Munich, Germany 2023
Britzenale, Berlin, Germany 2023 

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Talks & Workshops:
April 2019 - Forward Session Berlin

October 2017 - Adidas Makerlab HQ  

Living Paper 2020 by SendPoints

Paper Art 2 2016 by Art Power

Contemporary Installation Art 2016 by Art Power

The Art of Cardboard: Big Ideas for Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling, and Reuse 2015 by Lori Zimmer

Aldo Shoes
Arche Shoes
Artibus Records
Beats by Dr. Dre
Bombay Sapphire
Fuji Film
FFWD Festival 
MAC Cosmetics
Montreal Festival Mode & Design
Mac Demarco
Nuvo Magazine
Nightlife Magazine
Plug Research Records
Sagmeister & Walsh
Refinery 29 Magazine
Robert Charlebois
Report On Business Magazine
Süper Store
The Goods Shed
Tiffany’s & Co.
United Airlines Magazine
Women’s Health Magazine
Zeit Magazine

...& more

Awards & Grants:
Applied Arts Awards Winners: Photography Unpublished 2012
Applied Arts Award Winners: Broadcast Graphics - Single 2012
Applied Arts Award Winners: Motion/Animation - Single 2012

MAP Montreal Outdoor Photo showcase with Pierre Manning 2011

LUX by Infopresse Awards with Pierre Manning 2011

YES Montreal, Business Grant for Creative Souls 2010

BSR Annually Report 2016:- Econ Award 2017 - Shortlist/Nomination


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