Pillar of Architecture
Launch date: April 28-30th, 2017 at Kolor Berlin

Every time I travel to a new city, I find at least half of my holiday photos are of architecture. Most cities have pretty distinctive landmarks, but without drawing an already over-saturated amount of attention to those, I ignore those and focus on the day-to-day architecture city residents live, work & reside in. Most cities are remembered by aspects of their past or present, making it clear a city skyline now can be made up of various sculpted dreams for the future... in architecture.

Horticulture separating each section is also significant to illustrate the plant trends found in and outside a building. For example: The fern is a popular house plant making a decor necessity in most Victorian gothic homes, and then again, trend resurfacing, in later mid-century homes from the 1970's.

Suspended from a rotating motor, the pillar hovers in mid-air while reflecting small dots of light refracted form its mirrored components.

Medium: cardboard frame & paper
approx. size 100cm tall by 25cm wide

artwork & copyright Lacy Barry 2016
Photography/ Lightwriting by Joseph Devitt Tremblay


Lacy Barry 2019