BSR Annual Report 2016
Craft Illustration for Annual Report
Launch date: May 2017

BSR is a company with a passion for garbage disposal. Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe in long-form, means ‘Berlin City Cleaning Company’ auf Deutsch, but that’s not all they do! They also separate the trash into segregations of paper, plastic, (non-racially biased) white glass & colored glass, food scrapes, leaves, some old newspapers you found, sad photographs from your ex, left-overs you forgot and are molded now, and the excess materials from our paper & miniature crafts for this project! They also make bio-gas from moldy leftovers and dead flowers your ex gave you, and that’s cool! Cuz what else were you gonna do with dead flowers?! Store them in a box to cry over later?… Maybe, anyway BSR is great! And very humble to face peoples parting refuge on a daily basis, they also don’t look through your garbage to retain classified information to later spam you or ask you on an unsolicited date…BSR are not stalkers, they are nice people in orange jumpersuits who clean up after you. We made this project to commemorate them.

Agency: Im Mai GmbH
Client: BSR (Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe)
Art Director: Mehmet Yaman @ im Mai
Concept: Mehmet Yaman, Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt
Crafts: Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt
Photography: Frank Groll
Animation & Retouch: Iara Guedes
Artist Representation & Production by Cosmopola

Year of Production 2017