Bombay Sapphire - Stir Creativity 
Visual Art Design & Installation
Event date: October 18-21, 2018

For Bombay Sapphire’s #StirCreativity art space and party I designed and created a blue hued paper pillar garden over the course of four nights for the attendees, under my former duo Crizilla & Delasey. Set in the U3 station tunnel under Potsdamer Platz in Berlin I was given a 2m tall by 6m wide surface to develop the paper garden along side other visual artists.


Inspired by the vibrant and sparkling sapphire jewel and icy smooth gin of Bombay Sapphire we set our garden against an angular backdrop. The garden is flourishing over several nights before spectator’s eyes, jewel cut sculpted paper on cardboard structures, each growing a vibrant Bombay Sapphire bottle from its top. One large cardboard and paper bottle of Bombay Sapphire in the center of the garden of pillars to pay homage it’s beautiful blue design. All composed in a color scheme of deep cobalts, cool aquas, sea greens, snow blues and metallic teals.

See the Stir Creativity event here


Design: Lacy Barry
Crafts: Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt of Crizilla & Delasey 
Crafting Assistant: Ju’un Alibert,
Artist Agency: Cosmopola
Agency: Olgilvy Düsseldorf
Images by Mario Brand & Cris Wiegandt 
Artist Photo by Rankin