Personal Project
Short Film/ Visual Art
Launch Date: February 2014

The film takes place in a usual North American country home evident of various decades of renovations & comforts known to the common family. The home, representing a nesting place cannot hold the dove children and beckons them into the cornfield, outside, surrounding the home. Magical and wild, the never-ending cornfield holds no boundaries, exhibiting limitless play and escape for our three observed voyeurs.

Filmed from the perspective of a curious spectator, we are taken to follow the Dove children. Bird-like costumes made from materials recognizable to North American culture and fragile paper headpieces from various wing-like shapes represent parallels between the symbol of ethereal freedom in dove birds and child’s play.

Debut February 25th, 2015 on Channel 22- the in room channel- at The Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown, New York City, curated by Art Nerd New York

Costumes & Headpieces inspired by a variation of hues and textures classified by three types of birds;
Yellow Dove Head Dress/ Face Protector
Blue Dove Sonar Receptors
Red Dove Aerodynamic Ear Fylers
filmed in rural Ontario, Canada

Music by: Unnur Andrea Einardottir
Yellow Dove: Liam Hall
Red Dove: Corbin Hall
Blue Dove: Keegan Hall
Costumes & Set: Lacy Barry
Credits by: Dale Barry
Written & Directed by Lacy Barry
Special Thanks to Chylow Barry-Hall

artwork & film copyright Lacy Barry 2013

Year of Production 2013

Lacy Barry 2019