Festival Mode & Design 2012  
Visual Art Design & Installation
Event date: August 1st to 4th, 2012

About the Inbox Design on FDMM's website: This year the MFDF puts the Canadian nature in boxes. Inside containers transformed into exhibition spaces, we invite you to a journey into the Canadian forest. Through design objects staged by artistic director Lacy Barry, live the experience of the northern location. Each of the containers shown in Inbox design evokes a typical theme: the forest, snow, river, wind, hunting and the cottage.

With the inventiveness of designers, this is a contemporary vision that is presented, reflecting the boldness and vitality of Montreal's creators. The scenography imagined by Lacy Barry will showcase the work of designers, explore the source of their inspiration while telling a significant and coherent story.

Six containers, six atmospheres, six trips...in the heart of downtown Montreal./

Utilizing a materials sponsorship from Omer DeSerres Art Supply store each inbox was set up to have a large scale environment, spanning from each interior surface of the shipping containers, as well miniature scenes depicting how these scenes may have been used by various Canadian people & wildlife of the past & present. The large scale portion of the environments usually interactive playing with light, sounds & motion and the miniature scenes often placed on or around the furniture items were humorous & playful, focusing solely on enhancing the display of the designers work.

Sensory involvements include:

Snow: light patterns

Wind: wind generated by hidden fans

Hunt: scattered paper & wood arrows that could be taken by the viewers

River: waterfall sounds

Forest: pine scented

Cottage: cedar scented

Artist, Art Direction & Creation : Lacy Barry
Inbox Curator: Sylvie Berkowicz
Assistants: Myriam Viau, Skylar Graham
Photography: Jimmy Hamelin & Sebatien Roy
Special Thanks to Omer DeSerres & Audrey Canuel, Arianne La Salle & Anne Plamondon of Sensation Mode


To see the 'making of' video of the Inbox Environments here:

Lacy Barry 2019