Art Installation
online launch date: June 13, 2020

What can one create in isolation? In the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, an experiment was made to answer this question at a disused imperial era jail, behind the Köpenick Courthouse in Berlin. Held in jail cell no. 56 , no bigger than 2 meters wide by 4 meters deep and 3 meters high, only a desk of materials, video camera and a speaker, playing live the melodic songs by violinist T.O.N.G. in another unknown cell were provided.
We began out artwork for an hour in what proved to be not only an exercise in captivity but a synergy moving between walls, often picking up each others creative reverberations.

I imagined a place that was once a captives home to an overgrown world filled with a life force of giant roses seeding from the residue of human ghosts and germinating from the cracks in the floor.  

I placed red lights in the paper roses centre, glowing as if they held a soul and floating delicately as if they were held up by their thin electrical wired stems. Red, an otherwise typical color for roses, is the color for emergency and love. A gentle embrace to a once agonising place, we adjust pain to solitude.

Each rose meaures 60- 80 cm in diameter and made from hand cut and sculpted paper. 


Photos by Svenja Kreuger, Vic Harster & Tabea Zorn

Jail Sessions in collaboration with Art Helps

Live Violin: @t.o.n.g_music

Filmmaker : Lukas Augustin
Producer: Stefanie Vayhinger

Simon Wörpel
Fabian Koppri
Thomas Lupo
Yasemin Lupo
Lukas Bärnreuther
Felix Eichhorn
Josua Graf
Franzi Dittman
Tabea Zorn
Martin Steiner
Juan Rojas
Matthias Schlesinger
Till Farken
Meike Schmid
Veronika Hertelein
Marie Louise Hein
Alessandra Galati

Talitha Brauer
Marie Louise Hein
Vineyard Berlin


Lacy Barry 2019