Nature Pillars
Paper Light Art
date: May 2021

Part of a larger Pillar series, this little light pillar is the first to be totally composed internally with miniature LEDs and embellished from hand sculpted paper and recycled cardboard.

Little Light Pillar is an artistic concept for light fixtures and architecture. I am often frustrated with the white cubes of modern architecture and the soulless forms that are birthed from a fast and furious consumerist culture. Even the origins of minimalism have the flavor of concentrated intent. But when it comes to our throw away culture of today, buildings go up quick and furnishings are made even quicker, often ending up in landfills or even worse...abandoned on our lands and oceans.

I am curious though; what if the functional items we use everyday were developed mainly for the purposes of beauty rather than monetary gain, what would our world look like then? A practice not new, even within the last century before single use plastics were introduced to daily humanity, architecture was not so far from art; Baroque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and even modernist minimalism. Nature and its forms influenced common functional furnishing. Most gently constructed by artisans, and often repaired by the same artisanal touch when broken. We look at the past and admire such craftsmanship, enamored by the sheer beauty even common people experienced in their daily lives with such embellishments.  When future eras look back at our current era, will we have more to show than a massive garbage heap of short-lived products? ...This I wonder.

Approximately 35cm tall by 17cm diameter at the base.

Medium: Paper, LEDS fixed on a recycled cardboard body

Photography & artwork copyright Lacy Barry 2021