Nightlife Montreal Magazine Cover 
Costume & Prop Hat Fabrication
Launch date: May 2011

Before making the two hats for musician, Socalled's cover shot for Montreal's Nightlife Magazine, I watched the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Finding Socalled and Willy Wonka having similiar attributes of playfulness in their character and creative wit, I found it relevant to attain child-like fascination in grown-up refinement in this project.

Vintage men's hats decorated with model train set materials, toy dino's, cars, trees, and battery powered illuminated street lamps.

Hat Fabrication & Costume Styling: Lacy Barry
Photography: Maxyme G. Delisle
Assistants: Daphane Caron & Riki Tinoza

Year of Production 2011

Lacy Barry 2019