Art Workshop
event date: February 13-14, 2023

Custom made 2 & 3 dimensional paper flower bouquets, formed in Prada’s SS23 collection colors of delicate pinks, baby blues, smooth greys, creamy beiges, bright off-white and deep black, is a hommage to the seasons ‘paper dress’. Prada patrons were able to view my creative process, only formally held to the confines of my art studio; assembling my signature rose, lily and chrysanthemums, with a garnish of forget-me-nots adhired to textured pink and flat white card backdrops, before being spritzed with perfume essence and placed in a gift box or envelope for safe keeping.

Medium; paper 
Size: 2D artwork:A5 / 3D artwork: 20cm x 20cmx 10cm

Photography copyright Lacy Barry 2023