This is Secret Place Berlin,
Where we explore the sometimes hidden and not so well known histories about Berlin, Germany.

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Episode 1 - The Futuro House

An intergalactic journey through Berlin's future dreams of the past in the first ever podcast release under Secret Place Berlin. We explore a 1960’s pre-fabricated home intended for use on vacations, and its gradual decline then transformation into a worldwide phenomenon and cult design classic. Fewer than 100 Futuro’s were build and shipped around the world, Berlin received Futuro House #13.

For this episode we explore Berlin’s Futuro #13; its arrival, complacence in GDR’s Spreepark, dystopian decline and where it is today... this is the story about the Futuro House.

Quotes for this episode have been referenced from thefuturohouse.com/ a online destination for more info about Berlin’s Futuro #13 and various other Futuro’s stationed around the world. They are a group of collectors and admirers of all things Futuro. For info specifically about Futuro #13 please check out their website at futuro13.de/

Read more about Futuro #13 and Futuros worldwide in an interview conducted with Secret Place Berlin by The Society For Gentlemen Explorers

Music by Hyperia: Hyperia with sounds clips by Raymond Scott

Illustration & Image copyright Lacy Barry 2020

Episode 2 - Späth’sche Baumschulen

In this episode we discover the history of a plant nursery that has survived multitudes of wars and seen Berlin go from Kaiser ruled Prussia to the capital of Federal Republic of Germany. Let us dive into the story of Späth’sche Baumschulen; the 300 year old plant nursery and eventual Tree School that uprooted thrice in 7 generations.

Information and quotes for this episode have been sourced and translated from the Nursery's website www.spaethsche-baumschulen.de/
Berlin based blog www.xn--kpenicker-strasse-zzb.de/
and of course Wikipedia.

Music by Hyperia in collaboration with various birds

Illustration & Image copyright Lacy Barry 2020

Episode 3 – Computerspielemuseum

Let’s revisit the not so distant past when the fall of the Berlin wall was not even a decade old and computer gaming was witnessing it’s first and second generation of devoted players. Come with Secret Place Berlin as we put our gaming faces on and step into a digital cyberspace at the Computerspielemuseum …or Computer Games Museum auf English. From Joysticks to Avatars, we play tennis without leaving the couch, battle 8-bit villains and drive like maniacs over unchartered CGI landscapes.

The first exhibition that set the Computerspielemuseum, in motion; Pong Mythos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4nwzxmr0Qg

As Promised , the Magnavox Odessey Ad link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLGBtkKPj2U

See current exhibitions, hours and admission prices at https://www.computerspielemuseum.de/

Special Thanks to Radio Spätkauf for mentioning SPB in their last episode. Hosts, Joel Dullroy, Maisie Hitchcock, Jöran Mandik and Daniel Stern share 'Berlin News in English' in a wonderfully conversational and humorous way at this link: http://www.radiospaetkauf.com/
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Music by Hyperia in cyberspace

Illustration & Image copyright Lacy Barry 2020

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