Kruezberg Apartment
Interior Design
date: December 2014 - June 2021

Nicknamed ‘The Dollhouse’ for the flatsTiny House design aesthetic, at 29 meters sqaure, I lived here comfortabley here for six years. Combining my Solarpunk/ Lunarpunk interior decorating with the talents of interior architect Ana Gruden , we mix and match antique pieces found, hardwares commisioned, art gathered from travels and created. I believe an interior reflects you, your likes and life, creating a home that is a safe sancturary for rest, play and falling in between the cracks of time and exisistance. Rework and creation along with the habitation of plants and animals is a main theme in my interior work.

Photos courtesy of  Anne-Catherine Scoffoni

featured in Freunde von Freunden and Zeit Magazin for FvF


Lacy Barry 2019