Wish Tree - The Goods Shed

Scribblers  Festival
Live Art Installation & Workshop
Event date: May 9- 13, 2018

Invited by arts space, The Goods Shed in Perth, Australia  to create a site specific installation for Scribblers Festival 2018.
A literary event welcoming children of all ages to take part in reading, writing and crafting stories for the purposes of a more sustaining future. Building a life scale wish tree, 80% was made out of recycled cardboard salvaged from the local businesses around the art space, as an ode to Mother Nature. Each child attending the festival was encouraged to write a wish or a thankful gesture on a colored leaf provided. Then decorate their leaf with craft supplies provided. Over the event the children’s leaves were attached to the branches of the wish tree, creating a colorful tree full of pledges and thank-you’s. Children could visit their leaf at any time or take their leaf home at the end of the event as a souvenir and reminder of their pledge.    

size: 350cm tall by 300cm wide

Concept by: Lacy Barry
Fabrication & Installation:
Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt of 
former Crizilla & Delasey