Event Design, Fabrication & Installation
date: October 9th 2015

Decoration design for a tech agencies relocation party in Berlin, located in an old electrical building, myself and a small team transformed the 83 meter hall into a colorful and glittery fun fair. Installing ribbon-like foil sheets along the ceiling, a custom built gigantic surprise gift box where patrons could place their hand in the glittery mouths for an prize, custom hand-painted sponsor signage, a glittery entry tunnel, gigantic sparkling chandeliers in the main entry and much more.

medium; wood, paint, tinsel, surprises

size: approx. 220cm tall by 200cm wide box/ 7000cm by 600cm foil ribbons

Creative/ Art Direction & Design: Lacy Barry
Photography: Shinya Kato
Assistants: Yukiko Pica Yamane & Siobhán O'Callaghan


Lacy Barry 2019