Dreams in Bubbles
Paper Art 
date: April 2020

It has been said ‘Get your head out of the clouds’, when one is daydreaming or simply not paying attention. Finding this statement an ironic prelude to the magical mysteries life could present, l find this statement comical. Why must ‘reality’ be a burden? If a common narrative is true and life is indeed what we make it, and we can change how we see by simply imagining or accepting it, bleak or extraordinary, wouldn’t having ones head in the clouds be part of our reality?

Escapism is one of the strongest forms of connection with our imagination, it allows for learning, relaxation, clear thoughts and autonomy to perform a personal narrative and a connection with ones self. Children perform personal narratives through play, because play helps them understand the world around them.
Perhaps altering a societal narrative, comes with embracing other forms of reality and reviewing restrictions we need to reject.
Keeping ones ‘head in the clouds’, is a matter of speaking that could then disarm current pressures and make for a more engaged and harmonious relationship with ones self and ultimately with ones society.

Created during the international COVID lock-down, I had a lot of time to imagine a global society that is possible of a narrative change.

Each handcrafted paper dream in a transparent bubble is set on a cotton cloud.

Each Bubble is 15 cm in diameter.

Little Wing plexiglas bubble comes with chain to hang

Magic Castle glass bubble comes with an interior light and hand krank for gentle wind-up music.

Photography & Video copyright Lacy Barry 2020