Pillars of Fire & Cloud

date: May 2016

Pillar of Gold Fire (by night)
Gold is refined by fire, as they say. Similarly, every life experience guides and refines us, shapes our utmost potential. Cast in gold and cascading layers, Pillar of Gold Fire speaks to the beauty that each refinement could bring.

Pillar of Silver Cloud (by day)
Every cloud has a silver lining, they say. Like the sun kissing the cloud’s edge, making it glow, Pillar of Silver Cloud represents looming darkness with a glimmer of hope.

‘Pillar of Silver Cloud (by day) & Pillar of Gold Fire (by night) are created with paper and discarded cardboard, breathing new life and purpose into common materials and recalibrating in a format that acts as a catalyst for describing human emotion in physical shapes. Lush forms such as flowers, leaves, and intricate shapes invoke feelings of lightness, like that of a Cloud. Whereas constructive forms describe visually the stimulation to grow, transition and refine in a fiery color palette. Each pillar contains a narrative that spurs from the salvaged base material in relation to the human journey.’ 

A series based in salvaged cardboard and covered with new remnants of various papers.

Medium: cardboard frame & paper
approx. size 80cm tall by 30cm wide / 50cm tall by 25cm wide

QUEI Studio
for the Beirut Art & Design Fair
20-29 May 2016

Venice Design
Opening May 9th & 10th
May - November 2019

artwork & copyright Lacy Barry 2016
Photography by Jenny Endom


Lacy Barry 2019