Pillars of Fire & Cloud

date: May 2016

Pillar of Gold Fire (by night)
Second part of the duo pillar series, in the same scriptural reference represents the guidance fire that led the lost by night. Gold making reference to the saying ‘Refined by fire’, most frequently in terms of ones life being refined by experiences and shaped in its utmost potential, until refined again. Different layers of the pillar explain the beauty of what each refinement could hold.

Pillar of Silver Cloud (by day)
This piece is one part of a duo series that explores the famous saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, referencing the part where the sun kisses the clouds edge, making it glow. This example visually interprets a cloud representing despair and its ‘silver lining’ the glimmer of hope. A pillar of clouds were also used scripturally to guide the lost to the promise land. Evidently the lush features of flowers, leaves and shapes depict a hint interpretation of what the promised land was hoped to be like.

Medium: cardboard frame & paper
aprox. size 80cm tall by 30cm wide / 50cm tall by 25cm wide

QUEI Studio
for the Beirut Art & Design Fair
20-29 May 2016

Venice Design
Opening May 9th & 10th
May - November 2019

artwork & copyright Lacy Barry 2016
Photography by Jenny Endom

Year of Production 2016


Lacy Barry 2019