Süper Store

Easter Pillars
Window Artwork & Installation
date: March 15th 2016

An Easter window developed specifically to showcase Süper Store's fine curated wares & objects, three pillars each hold up carefully selected product from the shops selection. The artwork initially representing the three pillars of the Catholic Lent; Pray, Fast & Give, in its column each pillar holds treatments of Easter icons, rituals & colors; paper sculpted palms of the Christ, pagan eggs & patterns and lilies, roses & leaves of a seasonal re-birth of spring, also known to be symbols of the biblical resurrection. On display during spring 2016 at Süper Store in Berlin's, Kreuzberg neighborhood

medium: paper & cardboard

set of 3 

each pillar is approximately 80cm-100cm tall by maximum 30cm wide

Concept & Window Design by Lacy Barry
Photography by Jenny Endom

Year of Production 2016


Lacy Barry 2019