The Magic Cloud Queendom aka my home

Personal  Artists Home
Interior Spacial Design
date: December 2021 - ongoing

From painting a secret illuminated solar system on my bathroom ceiling to repurposing an old cabinet gifted to me from a hurried vacator, I developed and created the utimate repurposed, self-designed, magical residence I wanted to live in... making an interior can be a spiritual experience into the physical world.

My home is a place of refuge but also sancturary. This is where I harbour my physical body; the vessel for mind and spirit. I feel well here, I feel replenished, it is my ecosystem that is connected to a larger ecosystem. It is the place I can be fully myself and this I have done my best to reflect in its interior. After all, when working synonymously, interiors are personal spaces that only add glimpses and reflections of your inner landscape in connection with the outter world.

My home is A personal art project developed over the past year but also ever evolving.
Let me show you around...

Plants are an important aspect to me, they grow here but also up through the inner most particles of my being. Here we are connected and I care for them.

Glitter, color and textures are the tools available for birthing such a space.

Regarding the small drawer under the sink, I found a newspaper from 1926 wedged inside it, that portrayed a Berlin from yonder year, ... a time of day-dreams.

I often woke up in the morning staring at my room, imagining what it could be, then I made it. My hands were the paintbrush that painted everything into actual living reality. 

I showcase my shoes, because to me some shoes are an artform you get to wear. 

I’ve always wanted to know the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, so I simulated what I imagine the experience to be like.

I fill this place with the things I love they remind me who I am.

It’s a good idea to surround yourself with things that nurtured you when you were young and contiue to now.



A quiet and tranquil place. 

I made this chandelier from a branch I found. She was disgarded, but when I found her, she sung to me of colors and light and with her guidance and the wisdom of my hands, I made her into what she asked to me to. I am happy she lives here with me now.

If you listen, the objects will whisper to you their desires, even their desire to be with you in your lifes journey. 

I see myself as a creator of spaces, and a developer of ecosystems, a good steward of the universes gifts, here I tend to the smallest of organisms... the aquarium is a cherished world within this one.

Is the planet Saturn is my guide and the moon is my garment, then I will be fine.
Breakfast is my religion and my cat is my God. 

I found this carved table, existing for over a hundred years, painted in red orange from a another era. I embraced her color and gave her a fresh coat of paint.

Making a safe and comfortable home for yourself and others is one of the most loving acts you an do for yourself. 



Goodbye ...

Golden Hahn, how I love the Golden Hahn

I always wanted a balcony in Berlin, one to eat breakfast on and wave to my neighbours. 

... Thanks for stopping by.

Lacy Barry 2019